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Recently, the Internet leaked information that the official release of the iPhone 8 can be postponed indefinitely since Apple does not have time to establish face recognition technology and wireless charging. Oils in the fire poured and suppliers that cannot with the help of their capacities produce enough components. In this difficult case, Apple had to intervene in the production process.

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According to the publication of The Investor, Apple spends tens of millions of dollars on the purchase of equipment for the production of printed circuit boards that connect the main components of the iPhone 8. Meanwhile, the company uses the purchased machines not independently, but provides them to the suppliers, thereby helping to establish production iPhone.

There are problems with suppliers of OLED-screens. It is reported that one of them refused to cooperate with Apple, so the corporation had to quickly find a new partner in Asia. The remaining production capacity is not enough for a sufficient number of new devices.

Judging by the difficulties that have arisen, Apple will either postpone the presentation of the new iPhone or start selling iPhone 8 1-2 months after the presentation.

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