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Can the Earth be saved by moving it away from the Sun?

One day in the future the oceans of the Earth will boil, destroying all life on the surface of the planet, and make it completely unsuitable for life. This global warming is in some sense inevitable: the gradual warming experienced by the Sun is due to the gradual burning out of the fuel inside the […]

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Facebook launches comparison tool to prove Instant Articles beat mobile web – justechi

One-third of all link clicks on Facebook already go to its self-hosted Instant Articles. Facebook claims they drive more referral traffic click for click because people don’t abandon them mid-click as they do with slow-loading mobile websites. Now Facebook is teaming up with Nielsen to prove that individual publishers benefit when they post with the […]

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10 facts about the lost Atlantis, of which not all are known

We all heard about Atlantis, the legendary island that went underwater in one day. Who first learned about this? Was there really Atlantis? What else do we not know about it? The history of Atlantis came to us in a retelling of the Greek philosopher Plato. Or rather, from his two works, Timaeus and Critias. […]

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