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Sometimes headphones are so beautiful that they even want to forget about the sound (well, at least at the beginning). A vivid example of such is the debut model of Simgot EN700. Fortunately, their stylish design was supplemented by normal sound, but in our time just “normal” sound is not enough, therefore the model EN700 Bass appeared.

Despite the word “bass” in the title, it’s impossible to call this model very bassy, the LF is just about balanced here. This is supplemented by a beautiful design, a good set of supplies and a fairly democratic price. EN700 Bass cost a little more than 6000 rubles, which is very good for this level of performance. By the way, recently the developers announced the more expensive model EN700 Pro, which will be equipped with a replacement cable (but what else there will be differences – it is still unknown).

Technical specifications

  • Emitter: dynamic
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB / mW
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • Channel imbalance: <1.5 dB
  • Cable: not replaceable, OFC, reinforced with Kevlar
  • Plug: straight, 3.5 mm TRS

Package and delivery set

Of course, phrases such as “the box immediately inspires a feeling of premium” sound silly, but this is exactly what is happening in this case. Black cardboard with an embossed logo is complemented by a white “dust jacket” with stylish printing. Inside the box are the headphones themselves and a very spectacular brown leather case containing accessories: two sets of 3 pairs of tips for different sounds, and a brush for cleaning your IEM. On the one hand – nothing outstanding, on the other – thanks to the right presentation, the company creates the right mood.

Design and wearing comfort

It is the appearance of the EN700 that is their main trump card (sound, of course, is also good, but this design is something). A complex oval shape of the aluminum case with a decorative grille on the outside shows that the developers have fully mastered modern metalworking technologies. EN700 Bass are available in four color variants (black, gray, blue and red), depending on the color scheme, and the shade of the grate, and the color of the wire. In general, all 4 modifications look quite strict, there are no loud colors. Everything is collected perfectly, without the slightest flaws.

Thanks to a successful shape without protruding corners, headphones, despite the large size, fit well into almost any ears and provide a comfortable fit. This model provides only a BTE wearing, they can not be put down by cable. Sound insulation – at an average level, typical for the form factor. For the street they are enough, but in a more noisy environment, you may have to increase the volume.

The cable from EN700Bass is made very carefully: it looks very impressive, and in operation it is convenient. The twisted construction, reinforced with Kevlar, ensures high reliability and comfortable wearing. The wire is slightly inclined to entangle and does not harden in the cold. Near the cases of the headphones themselves are formed zaushiny, but they are made soft, without the effect of memory. The splitter unit is quite reliable, as is the straight 3.5 mm connector.


The following equipment was used for listening.

  • NuPrime DAC-10H and Resonessence Labs Concero HP as DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as a source
  • Fidelia as a player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS # 2 and iBasso DX200 and others as portable players
  • High Definition Records in Lossless Formats (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

The headphones were warmed up for 48 hours before listening.

The developers offer two variants of baits, differing in the amount of bass and emphasis on VChF. The set number one offers a pitch accented on MF and HF, although the bass is also present in sufficient quantities. The second version of the nozzles adds low-frequency quantities, depths and corporeality, oddly enough, but I liked this variant more.

It’s worth noting that the EN700 Bass developers reasonably approached the LF accent, concentrating it in the middle and deeper bass area, while the upper basses have a slight decline, providing normal not muted MFs. This approach distinguishes these headphones from typical “basshead” models, in which the MF is most often drowned out. Of course, on heavily saturated with artificial “bottom” melodies MF will still be suppressed, but this is simply impossible to avoid because of acoustics. With regard to quality, these Simgot sound like “typical good dynamas”, emphasizing massiveness and weight, combining it with normal (but not prohibitive) resolution. Of course, here we should not expect the boldness and superdetality of the reinforcement emitters, but there is also no dryness inherent in the latter.

The middle frequencies are slightly smoothed to maintain the overall picture of the “warm” sound. EN700 Bass – definitely not a model for fans to listen to micronuans, their hobby is a complete feed with a light veil of microdetails (in the number of which most often only the flaws of the recording fall). Resolution of MF is also not super-high, but macrodynamics are studied qualitatively, thanks to this, instruments and vocals sound naturally, and the “add-on” of lower registers gives a sound of spectacularity. The imaginary scene is slightly more than the average in width and slightly less than the average in depth. The elaboration of plans in the depths is slightly blurred, but nothing critical for this price category.

The HF is very neat, they are not sharp and do not move aggressively, despite a slight accent. Of course, fans of the “rich” HF, who transmit all the nuances of complex instruments, will not like such non-aggressiveness, but most listeners still prefer a comfortable sound. The “top” of this model is not bad at the resolution, although attacks and attenuations are losing in comparison with expensive models. However, those who are interested in the naturalness of HF transmission should still look at more expensive hybrid or reinforcement models. The HF of the EN700 Bass fit well into the overall “feed” of the model, providing a balanced sound without overtaxing the moments. Also, if you want a more focused attack on HFs – at your disposal the nozzles from the “set # 1”, due to the additional energy in the HF / lower HF region, they just add the speed of HF attacks.

It’s clear that there are a lot of other models in this price segment, but I just can not compare the EN700 Bass with everything, so I’ll just limit myself to a few popular headphones that can be considered a “reference point”. Since each comparison takes time – the list will be short.

Ostry KC06A . Earphones that have already become a legend in their category are distinguished by more aggressive HF, slightly worse emotion transfer on the midrange and greater “creeping” of LFs on the MF. In general, Simgot can be regarded as a step forward after Ostry, although I would recommend making such a step immediately to a higher segment.

Dunu Titan 1 . In some ways, headphones-antipodes, with a fairly pronounced high-frequency and high-frequency, as well as a less massive and smoothed feed. The Titan 1 is characterized by better detail, but paying for this is critical to the source material, and less “spectacular” (but more truthful) sound.

Meze 12 Classic . These headphones feature a high accentuation of high frequency, so that their feed seems more V-shaped, but in fact it is not. Against the backdrop of the Meze EN700, the Bass also features more powerful LF and more midrange.


The headphones are also quite effective for use with smartphones/tablets, despite the lack of a headset, but in fact, to maximize their exposure, they need a player about the upper-initial or lower-middle levels like the Fiio X3-2, Cayin N3 or Shanling M2s.

The genre model is universal, provided that the owner prefers a flattened and whole feed with a slight inclination to heat. To my ears, jazz, blues, and classic rock are especially good at this presentation. To the quality of records, headphones are very tolerant, on a 10-point scale somewhere in the score of 6.

As usual – several tracks for the example

Juno Reactor – Zwara . Naturally, the review of bassist headphones could not do without good electronic music, and Juno Reactor is one of the main candidates for this role. The heroes of this review cope with this melody just superbly, a deep and dynamic bass immerses the listener in a light trance, and detailed HF and energetic MF emphasize the main line of the melody.

Kent Poon – April in Paris . Perhaps, a vivid example of the same “jazz from the collections of Starbucks”, which was criticized by the protagonist Whiplash – the melody is light, not annoying, somewhat “pop”, very harmoniously combining the pianoforte and the wind instrument. EN700 Bass and then show themselves from the best side, perfectly playing all the instruments and adding weight to the background bass part.

Bob Marley – Stir it UUp.For a long time I thought what another style could be chosen for these headphones, and then it dawned on me that the quiet and positive dub vibrations are exactly what this model needs. Naturally, EN700 Bass show themselves at the height: tight bass, pure vocals that do not annoy the HF – just what you need for this music.

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Interesting model, combining stylish appearance with good sound and affordable price. Besides, if you can find headphones comparable in sound in this segment, then according to the design, perhaps, the EN700 Bass are unambiguous leaders.

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