Microsoft announced a clever thermostat under the management of Cortana

Microsoft has announced a clever thermostat under the management of Cortana

Smart thermostat in the market is far from a novelty. But if such goods are in demand, then their creation may be interested in fairly large producers. That’s why Microsoft could not resist, so it announced its own smart thermostat GLAS. Yes, and running a virtual assistant Cortana. To help develop the Redmond giant, Johnson Controls, specializing in the creation of equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, volunteered.

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At the heart of the device is a specially adapted for the Internet of things operating system Windows 10 IoT Core. Also, the GLAS thermostat is equipped with a stylish transparent glass screen, which displays the main elements of the interface. The thermostat can control voice commands, which will respond to a friendly voice assistant – the girl Cortana from the popular series of video games Halo. GLAS is able to monitor air quality and temperature both outside and inside the premises, and automatically determine when the owner of the apartment returns home from work and in which room he is. Thus, the thermostat will carefully save energy, regulating heating and electricity consumption.

If you look closely at the first advertising video, it becomes clear that GLAS is aimed not only at use in private homes but also in enterprises and medical institutions. Unfortunately, it is not yet reported when exactly the device will go on sale and how much it will cost.


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