The head of Blue Origin showed a new factory for the collection of missiles

The new factory is located in Florida. There, according to information published in the Instagram by Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and Blue Origin, they will collect heavy New Orleans orbital rockets designed for reusable use.

The missiles themselves will be made in a new factory, and the engines will continue to be assembled at an old plant in Alabama.

– Work on the new factory is in full swing, – so commented on the short video Bezos.

The video demonstrates the factory from the height of the factory, then the camera approaches, gradually dropping until the seated Bezos chair is seen on the roof holding a poster with the inscription “A new factory is on the way.”

The dimensions of these missiles do not allow them to be produced on existing production lines of the company, so the management of Blue Origin decided to build a new factory dedicated specifically to the production of New Glenn. The length of this rocket is almost 82 meters, while it will be able to deliver to a low orbit up to 45 tons, and to a geotransport orbit – up to 13 tons. In addition, the rocket will be reusable and, according to the developers, is designed for a hundred flights.

The first flight of the New Glenn missile is scheduled for late 2019 or early 2020.

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