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In our mad times it is very difficult to maintain good eyesight and protect our eyes from irritation, drying and painful sensations. Still – if our day begins and ends with the compulsory study of social networks before going to bed or after awakening.

Many smartphone manufacturers are working to minimize the impact of blue rays that emanate from the screens of these devices and harm the eyes. Among these manufacturers is also the company BLUBOO, which complements its new smartphone S1 special protective glass.

A glass is supplied from Japan and is able not only to protect the device screen due to its strength indicators but also to protect your eyes from harmful blue rays. How this technology works, you can see in the video, which shared the company BLUBOO.

By the way, if you take part in a pre-sale promotion, you can not only become the owners of an excellent smartphone BLUBOO S1 for a special discounted price but also get a glass with protection from harmful emissions free of charge. To familiarize yourself with the terms of the promotion, please click on the link below.

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